Sonia Delaunay – Musee’ d’Art Moderne

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Elizabeth Vallino Interiors Santa Barbara

I was so lucky to catch the Sonia Delaunay exhibit at the Musee’ d’Art Moderne while I was in Paris. She was a painter, textile, costume and set designer in the early 20th century.

Elizabeth Vallino Interiors Santa Barbara

Born in the Ukraine in 1885, Delaunay spent most of her life in France.  She and her husband Robert were key figures in the avant-garde in Paris in the 20’s. 

"About 1911 I had the idea of making for my son, who had just been born, a blanket composed of bits of fabric like those I had seen in the houses of Russian peasants. When it was finished, the arrangement of the pieces of material seemed to me to evoke cubist conceptions and we then tried to apply the same process to other objects and paintings."
Sonia Delaunay
Elizabeth Vallino Interiors Santa Barbara

Delaunay is one of my favorite artists of all time because of her unparalleled sense of color and geometry. It’s interesting to compare her work with that of Hilma af Klimt. She is another female artist who was way ahead of her time.